DDF2013 – Dual/Skeleton

Performances that take around 2 hours of your evening are better be worth it. Dual/Skeleton does not leave any doubts that evening is going to be enjoyable beyond expectations.

First solo of Dual sets a great start and the entire performance never gets below the set quality margin. Both solos are creating different atmospheres, different styles of movement that do not seem compatible together. Until we realize that they are. The fusion of both worlds somehow creates a perfect compromise (perhaps even harmony) and beautifully highlights each other in the grasping duo.

I was really left wandering if this can get any better, and just after the interval I got my answer – yes it can.

Inspired by Australian artist Ricky Swallow created by Larissa McGowan, Skeleton explores relationship between physical objects and humans, making them interact, collide and break in the end. Objects that are not as iconic as they used to be, in the years of blooming pop culture – baseball bat, BMX bike, stiletto, Walkmans, skateboards. The piece explores emotional attachment we manage to tie ourselves into. Imagine watching a movie or an arcade game on a stage. Sliding blocks either place dancers or above mentioned objects on a stage or remove them, combined with powerful choreography and brilliant sound and lighting. Every time the block slides across the stage spark of curiosity lights up as there is always a surprise awaiting the audience. Dancers would not only use physical objects during the performance, but would also portrait them, which blurs lines between what’s an object and what’s the actual human being. At the end of the day we all have a skeleton in us. I was just praying the performance would not end.

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