DDF2013 – Fearghus O Conchuir: The Cure

First of all, everyone is warned well in advance that this piece contains nudity. Nevertheless it feels uncomfortable at first, but I guess later on it makes me realize that it is perhaps a way to make the audience feel that none of the emotions are fake and to create an intimate atmosphere in a way. I might be giving too much of a thought about it though.

Performance starts as a dance in a relatively small square and is rather interesting as it feels like as Fearghus is folding his body in all possible ways referencing origami. Then the dialogue occurs and Fearghus is engaged with the audience in a conversation about Recovery. As the performance goes on we see different interpretations of the concept of Cure (as it was choreographed with the help of 6 different choreographers). I personally find very interesting the use of materials during the performance – salt, concrete, latex etc. However you don’t really get to find out what exactly those materials are if you don’t attend a post-show talk. The post-show talk gives a broader perspective on the process of creation, background stories, you can get on a journey of Fearghus’ thoughts and it really makes many things more transparent. Fearghus talks about creative process and how lenghty it has been, about a connection to his previous work Tabernacle.

Have to admit I was fascinated by beautiful lines Fearghus created, these extensions were mesmerizing. Left me admiring.

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