Little Intro

I love to travel. To be honest I am surprised why so many people prefer to go abroad rather than discovering local beauty first. And by local I mean the entire island of Ireland. C’mon, it will take you 3-4h to get from east to west. By car that is. Perhaps this is the main obstacle – not everyone wants to spend money on petrol going local and staying overnight in the hotel which might cost the same amount or even slightly more than in your usual mainland destinations. However if none of that scares you (I mean you can find good value accommodation if you make your research and plan in advance anyway), the road is there for you, just get on to it.

There are so many absolutely amazing places to visit and see in Ireland it’s incredible. Each town, village or city has attractions – some are more known than others, but you would be surprised how many gems Ireland has hidden. However how to decide on where to go and what to see? You could choose to visit something closer to your town, so you won’t have to go through hassle (even though is it really?) of booking something for overnight stay. I personally prefer go and see as much as I can with no rush. And since you are out on the road, wouldn’t you like your trip to be as packed with things to see as possible? So you might as well stay in some local B&B and enjoy true Irish hospitality.

While planning another trip, I got a bit puzzled – where to go? How far to go? What to see on the way? How to plan the trip the way it doesn’t overlap with future trips? Cause you want to get most of it, right? Choosing destination was always hard enough, because there is so much to see, everywhere. Looking at the map, I realized, I always looked at the potential county to travel to. So why not to do it over the weekend? Travel around the county over the weekend.  I do realize that I am of course set to miss some of the local attractions, but at least now I would have boundaries and certain limitations, which is making the whole route planning easier. Thanks to modern technology there are tonnes of information on internet too. Each county has a website with travel tips and famous landmarks. All you have to do – pin it down. The most convenient part of the entire planning for me is Google Maps. Even if you can’t find a landmark on the map through the search, you can just pin it yourself (of course if you find directions to it somewhere else that is). Add all your pins to a newly created map and voila. Look through it, think of what you are going to visit first (by looking at the map it takes seconds to figure the entire route) and you have your plan. I personally use my Android smartphone as GPS, so I have the map with outlined route accessible at all times. Snacks – check, water – check, wallet – check, whatever else you want to take on the road trip – check and off we go. In this section I will be reviewing my experience with some tips as I go.

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