Scabs by Naomi Elster @The Pearse Center

I have never really been in The Pearse Center before to my shame and to be frank if not for volunteering staff standing at the door I would have struggled to find it. However this is not a review of the venue, this is the review of the work of a very talented playwright Naomi Elster. Apart of being a playwright Naomi is also doing her PhD in Royal College of Surgeons and is involved in cancer research. Top that with her being one of the sweetest person I have met and you might get some picture of the mood she would set up for the new production – serious, dramatic, emotional, very realistic leaving everyone asking the question – what would I have done being the situation main characters find themselves into?

Naomi sends audience back to 1913 – time of unions, strikes, starvation and a true fighting spirit of Irish people for a better life, for what’s right, for hope that new generation is going to have a life without inequality and injustice and for hope that people of Ireland are going to have a better life 100 years from there on – in 2013.  Time of unions, time when people are passionate about their principles, they are willing to risk their lives and starve for freedom. Time of ‘romantic Ireland’. Are they wiling to sacrifice their families though? This is a dilemma at the center of the play – family of social leaders, who are inspiring people to go through with this fight, encouraging them passionately to stand strong for what they believe, for a better future. Until their own daughter falls a victim of food and wood deficit having her life endangered, starving and cold.

Would you rather be fighting for your principles, for the better future for your kids while watching their lives fade away, knowing that they might not see all the good their parents are fighting for? Or would you give in, becomes something you despise, turn back to your own beliefs, but keep your family fed and well alive? Which one of these options make you a good parent? Given the social status of the leader, such a betrayal means you have to take into consideration people you have asked to stand strong and starve. Are they going to forgive such move? Are they going to understand? Would such a move put your family in jeopardy?

You can find out by going to see Scabs at the Pearse Canter. Performance runs till 6th of July. Make sure to book your tickets as the show has been selling out every night and the auditorium is always buzzing with excitement.

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