DFF2013: Fused @ The Lir

FUSEDDo you remember the feeling when you used to sit beside someone playing a game? We all scream and shout like crazy when the time is running out. We want to try as many options as possible before our main character in the game dies or fails the mission. We point fingers and raise our voices as if the fiction character can see us.

The principle of FUSED is exactly that. 12 members of audience are picked to lead the game. They each have 20 seconds to give the main character (Steve) instructions what to do. Several items are located in different parts of the stage. It’s up to the leading 12 to figure out how to use them to achieve the mission. Don’t be scared to be creative and let’s say make Steve drop Tic-Tacs in someone’s coffee to get rid of the unwanted presence on stage (spoiler alert!). It is sort of like a chess game. Entire audience gets engaged, trying to suggest what to do. At times it is really tricky, therefore actors might drop a little clue here and there. Are you going to be careful enough to spot it? The digital timer at the top of the stage is ticking for each mission. As time runs out, audience gets more and more hyped, people scream, lean forward, moan, they are sucked into the game of FUSED.

It might feel slightly weird at first to be in a front row between other 11 strangers you are going to play the game with, but don’t forget, the audience always has your back. Frankly, I don’t think I have seen such an engagement into the collective effort of solving the puzzle before. Our mind always works differently under pressure, doesn’t it? What is yours going to come up with? Would you try a brute-force method and all possible option with it or do you prefer clever workarounds?

Verdict: Highly entertaining, interactive and surprisingly original performance. Great actor play, smartly done from the beginning to the end. Loved it.

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