DTF2013: Dusk Ahead by Junk Ensemble

junk-ensemble-_186The hour between fading daylight and rising darkness is full of mysteries, illusions and uncertainty. Can you tell the difference between a wolf and a dog? Can you distinguish a friend from an enemy while being blindfolded?

Junk ensemble focuses on a human behavior in the hour of dusk. They portray genuine emotions and instincts to follow signals, to rely on hearing when eyes can’t see. Series of episodes, each with a distinct story line, make sense under the umbrella idea. A couple, who can’t seem to be able to take their lips off each other, two female performers, who have their hair tethered, trying to break free. The ostrich hiding it’s head in sand until it feels safe to see the reality again. Blindfolds are real. You can tell by the occasional uncertainty in moves. Performers are asked to get out of their comfort zone and take the audience with them through the journey of unknown in the crepuscular hour.

Dusk can also be interpreted as a metaphor for an unclear situation. Some of us chose to be blind, it’s easier not to see or not know sometimes. Won’t you miss anything beautiful in that case? Are you the person who would stick it’s head into sands or are you brave enough trying to fight the unknown? That was my own interpretation of one of the episodes performed on stage.

Sharp and expressive, yet fluid at the same time choreography; incredibly appropriate and relevant music and impressive sculptural set by Sabine Dargent together with the amazing lighting design by Sarah Jane Shiel mirrored the atmosphere. Special mention to Zoe Reardon, who did an amazing job playing a cello live on stage. Performers were showcasing their talents not only in the craft of dance. They played also instruments and sang on a stage.

Verdict: Dusk ahead is a very much worth seeing performance by incredible Junk Ensemble. They have pushed boundaries and explored concept of blindness in a brave manner.

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