DTF2013: Wunderkammer by Circa

Wunderkammer_UpdateWunderkammer – the cabinet of curiosities. The collection of things we can’t seem to define a purpose for. Strange things, perhaps souvenirs we bring back from travels – they all go to the cabinet of curiosities for ourselves and other people to admire and pick our brains about.

Circa has created a new show based exactly on the Wunderkammer principle. They leave it up to everybody individually to put a theme to it or to figure out what each piece is about. The group challenges standards and human tendency to name everything. They take a concept and explore it backwards.

The strength and acrobatic abilities together with an incredible plasticity are still present and they undoubtedly make the audience to hold a breath. However the format of performance is what makes it unique. Between physically seriously challenging skill sets there are humorous parts of the performance for you to relax a little, before witnessing yet another talent showcase. There are human pyramids, hula hoops, burlesque, a pole, bubble wrap and lots more. Sit back, relax and Circa is going to serve you a wonderful dish called contemporary circus on a silver plate.

Generally there are not many performances like this staged in Dublin and it’s a real shame, because the entire genre has such a potential. It’s very new to an Irish audience and I am sure they are extremely thankful to witness the bloom of this art form. It adds another color to the art palette.

Verdict: Don’t try to name concepts, Circa doesn’t want you to really, just enjoy a new set of emotions.

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