Interloper by Liz Roche Company

InterloperWe all are so individual and yet we are often afraid to stand out from a crowd. We are coping with everyday struggles trying to achieve what we want, often knocking on closed doors. We keep knocking and knocking, and hoping. We are trying to balance between our personal desires and a routine. Unwanted and not welcome – everyone has felt that at some stage of their lives. It’s in our nature to seek belonging, belonging through interaction. You have a chat with a friend, a random conversation with a stranger in a shop, coffee and a quick Hello with a colleague. Around 60% everything we do is habit based, it is a kind of a routine, but it gives a sense of comfort in some way. We blend in the never-ending movement of interaction. There is often not enough time to dedicate to our own personal interests. It’s what the story of Interloper is about.

Liz Roche, Henry Montes, Caitriona Ni Mhurchu and Bryan O’Connell have created an exact portrait of everyone’s life, despite the fact we all are unique in our actions. Collaboration of dance, theatre, film and music creates a celebration of identity and belonging on a stage. Minimalistic yet fully accommodating stage setup creates enough space, allows that space to be divided, narrowed or expanded as the performance goes on. Flowing choreography and mesmerizing movement of Liz makes you forget to breathe. Smart lighting creates an intimate atmosphere. You are allowed to have a sneak peek into someone’s life. Handful of attributes play somewhat symbolic role, highlighting that very personal desire each of us cherish. Overall Interloper is a smartly done piece with an inspiring idea in a backbone. Despite the fact that at times I could hardly hear performers speak, it was a very enjoyable and moving performance. Definitely well worth seeing.

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