Hear Me Sing Your Song/With Raised Arms by Liv O’Donoghue

TRL7917_Liv-ODonoghue_Hear-me-sing-your-song_Landscape_Credit_Luca-Truffarelli-e1401468808947Liv O’Donoghue is a contemporary Irish choreographer who creates dance pieces to challenge and question society and herself. She boldly experiments with situations and human emotions as well as socially adapted concepts, making the viewer consider them from a different perspective. The double bill Hear Me Sing Your Song/With Raised Arms is not an exception. Not to confuse the reader – the order of those independent pieces is exactly this on all posters and programs, but they are been shown in the different order: first, Liv presents With Raised Arms and after the interval the audience gets to see Hear me sing your song.

I have seen With raised Arms as work in progress during Dublin Dance Festival in 2013.  It is the piece inspired by an artist Egon Schiele. Back then it was more about Schiele, right now it is more about Liv herself. The wok has really grown and even outgrown the original idea. She cleverly manipulates viewer’s emotions by making him feel somewhat responsible for the manipulation and abuse. Bryan O’Connell is taking the role of that connection between audience and performance. Asking questions and passing the public’s demand to Liv, whose character submissively does what she is being told. She has eliminated the option of choice and you can experience the consequence of it with your own eyes. You can read a little more here. It is inspiring in a way to never give up, to fight your way through and to stand your ground.

The second part of a double bill is Hear Me Sing Your Song. It is a completely different piece in all aspects imaginable. Liv draws inspiration from her own experience of struggling to find a complete belonging being from a multinational family. She puts strangers in the place where no time exists, free from the outside world influences, and examines their behaviour. There is a cameo performer every evening, so it has an all different touch. Liv has chosen an unusual cast for this piece – there are people, who have never really danced before. Nevertheless, the chaos and human human emotions depicted are real and very much applicable.

Well done to Liv and the crew! The opening night is tonight, so make sure you are there. Performance runs in Project Arts Centre 10 July 2014-12 July 2014 8.00pm. You can book tickets here.

Enjoy the show!

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