Whistle/TURF – double bill

Whistle-TurfClose your eyes. Make sure you don’t cheat. When you hear the whistle you may open them. Have you noticed anything different? Darragh McLaughlin splits audience in two groups to create that feeling of surprise and to make your curiosity itch, guessing what is it that other group is now experiencing. The element of humor makes the piece quirky. You may cheat of course and peak, but the only person you would be disappointing is yourself. You become part of the game as soon as you step into the space. There is no escape. Rules are there for a reason – follow them and you are going to get the maximum enjoyment of the performance.

The solo dance piece of Liadain Herriott has entirely different atmospheric feel to it. Liadain takes the audience to the place where emotions are the focus point. The perfect combination of music and light serves the purpose of paint for an artist to draw a picture and to take your imagination through the very personal journey. Her movements are so flawless it’s mesmerizing. A very well done to everyone involved!

If you haven’t seen it, you can book your tickets here.

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