The Party – review

The-PartyParty members assemble! The Big Brother is here, so prepare to be amazed! As part of this year’s Dublin Tiger Fringe Festival, the common citizens were treated for a very special event – a new political party launch. Based on the all time classic George Orwell novel ‘1984’ The Party raised the spirit of community and union for all the different reasons. Produced by Ready Fire Aim and FizzyThinking, this event broadened boundaries of the variety of performances Fringe Festival is offerings and defined ‘original’ in terms of the festival diversity. It was The Party in all it’s possible meanings. Not to mention goodie bags provided on the night.

Set in the Morrison Hotel in the heart of the city centre, the party launch was celebrated in style, as you do. The tastefully decorated room filled with around 200 people served as a venue to unique experience. It had everything – live music, refreshments, media and more importantly the great spirit and dedication to create a better society. People came together and discussed party manifesto. They agreed and disagreed. They were loud and vocal. They had fun while feeling heard and important. Something you might not necessarily get in real life, when it comes to politics.

Discussions were facilitated by splitting the audience into groups and no one was left unheard. Debates were encouraged. Opinions heard. It was hard to believe at times that this was not the real political party launch. Audience was very diverse, but it stood united when it came to what’s right and fair for our community.

When the candidate was revealed and the Big Brother identity became clear, it left a strange feeling and provoked a lot of thoughts on our approach to social media. I was for once left with a question – how is everything I post on social media going to affect me in future?


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