Culture Night – my guide to events around Dublin

Culture-Night-LogoBrace yourselves! Culture Night is upon us and every folk is going to be immersed in the cultural craze tonight (unless you prefer to spend your evening home of course). This year the selection of events is so diverse that even the pickiest and fussiest are going to find something to their taste. To help you not to get lost, I invite you, my dear reader, to trust my taste and choice and let me guide you through some of my personal favourites on the program.

We are going to start with something rather special. Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club. It is going to open it’s doors for the first time in 170 years and reveal a property immersed in Dublin’s history.

Next on the list is RTÉ Hansel & Gretel’s Music Trail. It is promising to be quite a spectacle with some interesting acts included. No spoilers here, go and see it.

For those who like things not loud and hectic, here is my pick: National Library of Ireland. Come and meet some of the Eneclann, Ancestor Network and findmypast  team who will provide a free genealogy advisory service in the National Library of Ireland on Culture Night from 5pm to 10pm. Fiona Fitzsimons, Hilary McDonagh and John Hamrock will all be there, providing the genealogy advisory service. Who will you find when you pick up your family tree?

If libraries is not your thing and you just like James Joyce in particular, James Joyce House of Dead might just be the thing for you. Watch them handprint on handmade paper the Centenary edition of Joyce’s The Dead on a Victorian press. This heirloom has a life specification of 400 years with the owners’ name printed with ash from the last fire lit here in 1892. John Huston’s film The Dead will be screened throughout the day.

Continuing on the same note, my next pick is somewhat mainstream: The Old Library and The Book of Kells. Don’t think much explanation required here.

In case you don’t have any preferences and you don’t mind any art forms, here is something you could attend. Downstairs Dublin is going to be packed with all sorts of entertainment. Come down to Merrion Square and join the fun!

There are going to be loads of historical and culturally and socially important places open as well. Here are only some examples: Custom House, Dublin Castle, Farmleigh House, The Mansion HouseHouses of the Oireachtas and my personal favourite – Freemasons’ Hall.

If any of those above are totally out of your interest zone and you prefer something dark and spooky instead, head to the Castle Dracula. They promise to deliver Ireland’s Most Quirky and Bizarre Night in Dublin’s most extraordinary Venue.

Of course there is going be loads of other things going on, but I’ve picked things that would be closer my heart, hoping that you might find something close to yours on that list too.

Culture Night starts today at 5pm, so make sure you have a plan ready. In the meantime, enjoy your day and see you later around town!

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