ONCE the musical

unnamed-1If you have seen the movie, great, you probably know what this is all about. If you haven’t – even better, you are in for a treat. Once (the movie) was shot in Dublin and now the musical, having been staged across the world, is coming home. Landmark Productions have done some serious work with it. The PR campaign for Once was also very impressive, just look at this video shot on Grafton Street in June! Not mentioning the fact that #OnceinDublin has been on a trends list many times. But let me go back to the actual performance.

Went I walked into Olympia Theatre I expected a lot of tears and a bitter feeling afterwards for a love story with not exactly a happy end you’d imagine. After having a drink on a stage (yes, on a stage!), we were all entertained by a cast for a pre-performance singing. It felt so casual – as if bunch of friends were having a party. This already set a good mood for the audience, fired it up for what was to come.

The first act was spent with an audience giggling and laughing. Dialogues were short, witty and funny. And than there was an anthem (the second song). Yes, I consider Falling Slowly to be an anthem for Once, perhaps, because you instantly want to sing it along as soon as you hear it. For me that was the moment I was fully in. Tom Parsons (Guy) and Megan Riordan (Girl) were unbelievable throughout the performance. These voices can seduce and charm anyone with a beating heart I think. So the first act went by flawlessly.

And so did the second. Usually there is something minor that I always think could be improved – someone should have said the line louder, something could have been added or removed from the set or music could have been better timed. There is always a little something and that’s ok, because you still enjoy the overall performance. It was a different story with Once. For the first time (at least what I can recall) I thought everything was absolutely perfect. The set was so beautiful and smartly done; actors were all exceptional in their roles; choreography was flawless and felt very non-invasive (on the contrary it felt like it was making the performance brighter – imagine the eyeliner effect). I can’t describe in other words – it was just perfect. Yes, the second act brought the aww moment and slightly more drama, but it somehow still felt so very positive right to the last second of the show.

I walked out of the theater yesterday thinking how much I wanted to see the performance again. This morning I woke up with Falling Slowly playing in my head on repeat and right now I’m humming it as I type. Having had some tough time recently I can honestly say that Once the musical was the best thing that happened to me in a last month.

Once runs in the Olympia, Dublin, from July 4 to August 22

You can get your tickets on ticketmaster.ie

There are standard and premium tickets available.
Standard Tickets: €29.50 – €55.00 | Premium Tickets*: €55.00 – 85.00
*Premium seats are the best seats in the house. They include Row G in the stalls, which has additional leg-room, the front row in the dress circle (Row A) and a selection of seats in Row B.

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