Tiger Fringe Festival – my theater picks

TDFI’ve been posting my favorites from Dublin Theater Festival Program this week on the Facebook page. However with Dublin Fringe Festival starting just before it, I thought to do the post on my picks from their program too. Today I’ll be going through theater performances. I’ll admit, it was hard to pick so few from so many. My advise is go and see as many as you can. So, without further a due, let the curtain fall.

Our Island by Mirari Productions. I genuinely love performances that explore potentially complicated relationships, because they make audience think about how we react to certain things in real life and how other people react to things we do and say.

Grounded by George Brant. Siren Productions are hitting the hot topic of 2015. This year female voices are sounding loud and clear. Exploring how circumstances may force us to make choices is always a great subject to talk about.

The Windsteelers – to me this sounds a lot like a movie material or something I would hear on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. Hiding selfish commercial interests behind fake “I want to help people” is the story of modern society.

Harder Faster More – something in its description that tells me it might be a good laugh.

(Not) Belonging – it’s the time when we shouldn’t be hearing “I don’t belong” from anyone. We as society have made a good progress towards acceptance, but we are not fully there yet. This is definitely thought provoking.


Beneath the Bone Moon – there is just something about it that makes me want to buy a ticket to see this performance.

So here are my main theater picks. I have noticed there are quite a number of performances dedicated to female subjects, themes etc. I will do an additional post about it in coming days. For now, get booking!

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