Dublin Festival of History – International events shaping history


In case you can’t get enough of festivals this September or you are simply not into arts, here is something different. Dublin Festival of History runs from 25th of September till 10th of October. I will be honest, when I started writing this post I thought personally I might just write this one off, but now I’m chaotically trying to schedule my days to fit at least some of the very cool things on their program.

The Laura-Thorp-City-Hll-event-webfestival is meant to be for all ages, so drag your little ones away from their iPads. There will be a cool walking tour called A Child’s view of Dublin life through the ages. Some fresh air never does any harm. And it’s educational!

If I was a kid I’d also love to go for Dressing for History – Costumes and Stories with Laura Thorp.

There are also going to be Solve the Mystery events at Cabra and Rathmines libraries for kids aged 7-11.

For those of us who are a bit older, there are plenty of talks about both domestic and international events that shaped history. I will write another blog post about talks/events that are focused on our domestic affairs, so for now here are talks/events on international subjects I thought were really interesting:

Fascinating Footnotes from History – with Giles Milton – booking required

Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the House of Caesar – with Tom Holland – booking required

KL: A history of the Nazi Concentration camps – with Nikolaus Wachsmann – booking required

The Sinking of the SS Arandora Star 1940: conflicting patterns of remembrance – no booking required

Joseph Goebbels: Hitler’s messenger – with Peter Longerich – booking required

Napoleon the Great – with Andrew Roberts – booking required

The Silk Roads: A New History of the World – with Peter Frankopan – booking required

The Battle of Waterloo Experience – with Peter Snow – booking required

I’m sorry for a long list, but I really couldn’t choose, they all are awesome subjects!

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