Culture Night

Culture NightSeptember is perhaps one of the culturally busiest month in the capital. I had some posts up about two upcoming festivals already. This one is dedicated to the one night (evening) only event – Culture Night. This year sees a mighty number of 229 establishments opening doors for general public. Someone please clone me! First I thought to do my picks in several categories, but let’s face it, I wouldn’t be able to visit all of them anyway, so I decided to list my personal favorites. I did take into consideration the fact that some places (galleries for example) can be visited some other time and I didn’t include places I have already visited:

The Custom House – Department of Environment, Community & Local Government – I just always wanted to visit government buildings, there is something powerful about them.

Freemasons’ Hall – I keep telling myself that I will visit Freemason’s Hall EVERY YEAR! I guess it’s time now.

Mason Hayes & Curran – these guys have some serious artwork in their building, well worth seeing.

The Arts Council – collections, collections, collections. I like them a lot.

AIB Art Collection – wouldn’t you be interested what art is one of our biggest banks interested in?

French Embassy or Urban Lights Contacts installation – this is not as much embassy visit as the actual installation. The description sounds quite grande-esque.

Gallery X – I just love all dark and unusual and this promises to deliver exactly that.

Feel free to suggest, discuss etc. Is there anything you guys would suggest to see? Remember, it’s a one night only.

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