Slicing and dicing Tiger Fringe Festival Program

This year has been remarkable for Ireland. We became the first country to legalize same sex marriage by popular vote. It is a huge step in making so many people feel inclusive into our society. Perhaps it felt only right to do the post on the upcoming shows that are aimed to provoke thinking when it comes to social issues and maybe something that each of us is dealing with on a deeply personal level. So here is the list:

GROUNDED by George Brant

Women make choices every day. Some of them have consequences and impact on significant parts of our lives – our careers. Grounded-update

Preview Sep 05 @ 18:30 & 20:45. Sep 06 @ 18:30
Tickets €18
Dates Sep 07 @18:30. Sep 8 – 12 @ 18:30 & 20:45.
Other performances Sep 09 , 11 & 12 @ 13:00.
Tickets €22 / €20 conc.
Duration 75 mins.
Venue: Project Arts Center

(Not) Belonging

What does it actually feel and mean – to belong? Very important question. We really shouldn’t be hearing “I don’t belong” in a modern age, but unfortunately we are not there yet. So, have you ever felt the need to belong?Not-belonging-2

Preview Sep 12 @ 17:00.
Tickets €11.
Dates Sep 13 — 14 @ 17:00 & 20:30.
Other performances Sep 12 @ 20:30.
Tickets €14 / €12.
Duration 60 mins.
Venue: Samuel Beckett Theatre


Technology is here and it’s even further integration in our lifestyles is unavoidable. This performance is set to explore the place of genuine human emotion in the world where we rely on tech so much. P.S. It might be a love story.event-love+

Preview Sep 14 @ 19:15.
Tickets €11.
Dates Sep 15 – 17 @ 19:15.
Tickets €15 / €13 conc.
Duration 50 mins.
Venue: Project Arts Centre

Developing the Country as a Hole

event-developing-country-as-a-wholeNow, this is actually a comedy, but I really like the premise. I’ll let you read it on the Dublin Fringe Festival Yourself.

Dates Sep 07 — 12 @ 20:45.
Tickets €13 / €11 conc.
Duration 60 mins.
Venue: Sweeney’s Underbelly

You’re Not Alone

Kim-Noble-Update_2You’re Not Alone is a provocative, moving and comic production that chronicles one man’s attempts at connection, friendship and employment at B&Q.

Dates Sep 16–19 @ 21:00.
Tickets €16 / €14 conc.
Duration 60 mins.
Venue: Abbey Theatre on the Peacock Stage

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