Culture Night 2015 Recap

I am not big on going out on Fridays, but past Friday was obviously a special one. Culture Night means a lot of doors were open for general public and the variety of places to visit this year was tremendous. Offices, art galleries, architectural wonders, concerts and observatories – I think even the fussiest of human beings could find something in that list.

With only so much time on your hands, it was difficult to chose what to see, so I had a list and did my best. I knew I won’t be able to see everything I wanted, but I also didn’t want to rush. So, here is my Culture Night:

Windmill Lane Recording Studios

I knew that a place was popular amongst artists, I guess I just didn’t know it was THAT popular. Bar having all studios open and explaining what is what+having demos, there was also lots of computer games for kids. I honestly thought I would spend maybe 20 min there, but the hour just flew by.20150918_192121_Richtone(HDR)Coolest part – you could photobomb a Star Wars episode and it would seem just so natural! I am not even talking about the VR presentation. I think there were more grown ups than kids in the queue to try it out.

2015-09-19 19.59.44

Visitors were also treated to a wonderful performance by Ronan Scolard. That voice and the sound of that piano was magical! Knowing the caliber of stars who were recording in that space only added to the atmosphere. With so much history, this place is a true gem not only for music enthusiasts, but for us regular folks too!

AirBnB offices

This what the modern office should look like. You can tell it was built for millennials. With free pints for visitors and lots of activities in little meeting rooms going on, this was a grand promotion and I am sure made a lot of people to think how cool it would have been to work here.20150918_205516

Meeting House Square

What a great way to finish to finish Culture Night! It’s always a treat to hear RTE National Orchestra perform. A flagship culture program Arena included a mix of interviews, music, drama and comedy, along with musical accompaniment. Needless to say it was absolutely packed.


That was my Culture Night. What did you guys get up to?

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