The Cherry Orchard

Dublin Theater Festival brought many interesting performances to Dublin’s stages. The variety of genres would have satisfied the pickiest of us indeed. For the first time I personally got to visit The O’Reilly Theater and oh boy, what a theater it is. I am surprised the space isn’t being utilized more. I felt like a kid who found old treasure in the attic. But enough about the The O’Reilly Theater and to the point of me actually being there.

Few weeks back after seeing Turgenev’s A Month In A Country I though how great would it be to also get a chance to see something of Chekhov. To my surprise Dublin Theater Festival had 2 performances written by witty genius, After a bit of deliberation, I chose to see The Cherry Orchard. So here are my impressions (and a poor picture I was able to take with my phone):

IMG_20151008_193137– The stage set up was very clever, space was used very well
– There was A LOT of kissing
– Actors were dressed simple – tracksuits, vests, jumpers, tops, boots on heals and occasional suit
– Choreography and music was modern, but cool and relevant
– There was a lot of kissing
– I felt dancing was just slightly prolonged
– Loved the humor of the person who was setting the mood/setting of the stage
– Thought it was really cool that they had a Russian speaker, although wasn’t sure how those who don’t speak the language reacted to it
– Would have been nice to have an interval – over 2h without a break in the evening can be daunting at times

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