Bram Stoker Festival

Halloween is nearly here and so is Bram Stoker Festival. I’ve done my quick pick list from their full listings. I thought these events might be really cool (not that other aren’t of course). Note, that there is one event I haven’t included, because it is sold out, but if you have tickets – I’m very jealous.

Blade I & II Double Bill800x800-blade

Time 9:00pm – 11:59pm
Date October 24th
Run Time: 245
Location Light House Cinema
Dbl Bill Tickets @ €12.00

Blade exploded onto the silver screen in an orgy of blood, fire and violence and from the opening scene of the first movie you just know you’re in a dark and dangerous world, where the only hope for humanity is the one known to those who fear him as ‘Daywalker’.

Humans and Vampires must form an uneasy alliance to defeat this new threat and who better than Guillermo Del Toro to bring this bloody sequel to life.


Time 6:00pm
Date October 23rd – October 26th
Location: Smithfield Square

Known across the world for his colourful, vibrant and pulsating murals and installations, Maser’s murals are visible thought the city. Explosive and mysterious, Maser, like Bram Stoker, has become a Dublin legend.

This temporary interactive exhibit in Smithfield Square is inspired by the life and times of Bram Stoker and his illustrious novel Dracula, a story which asks us to consider what lurks behind the shiny facade of progress. For this structure, Maser will examine the facades of our society and the darkness within us all.


stokerland1Time 12:00pm – 5:00pm
Date October 25th – October 25th
Location Wolfe Tone Square
This pop-up playground will feature the thrilling talents of world class street-performers Able Mabel and chainsaw-juggling, fire-breathing, Guinness World Record holding The Mighty Gareth.

There’ll be plenty of attractions to ensure a fangtastic time for all. Spooky makeovers, tin-plate photo portraits in period dress, screen-printing with Damn Fine Print and plenty to much on. Fancy dress encouraged!

New Bloodnew-blood

Time: Sunday 25 October 2015 at 8.00pm, doors open at 7.30pm
Location: Space Upstairs – Project Arts Centre
Dress code: Futuristic Vampire Nest in The Matrix* (*open to interpretation but strictly come vampiresque…)
Tickets: €20

A cold, sharp bite of contemporary Irish culture.
Mary & John curate this late night event, a progressive halloween party for the Bram Stoker Festival. Bespoke cocktails, art installations, live electronic acts and DJs. Lose yourself in a futuristic vampire haven and a feast of new blood. Dress-up essential.

Macnas Twilight Procession

Macnas Halloween parade 26 Octobe 2014Time 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Date October 26th – October 26th
Location Three routes crossing the city
MAP OF ROUTES: Pick your spot to enjoy the parade along any of the routes in this map. Each is as exciting and spectacle-filled as the other.

Take your position with the family from 5:30pm along the route as Macnas make their way across the city.

Total Nightmare800x800-total-nightmare-image

Time 6pm – 7.30pm
Date October 25th – October 25th
Location Freemasons’ Hall
Tickets: €10.00

Total Nightmare dredges up the moments that wake you in cold sweats and serves them back to you in the hallowed halls of The Freemason’s Grand Lodge, a spectactularly beautiful setting for an eclectic array of guests including Matthew Jebb (Botanic Gardens), Dr Jason McElligott (Marsh’s Library), Roisin Agnew (Guts Magazine), Will St Leger (activist and artist) and Dr. Elizabeth McCarthy. Come along to hear their tales of those moments they wish they could rewrite, from professional faux-pas to recorded histories of epic blunders and moments of personal failure.

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