Ballet in the cinema

Ballet is a beautiful thing so watch – so gracious and so divine. If the execution is on the top level that is. Here is Ireland we get treated to Russian State Ballet, who is coming around Christmas every year. I have seen these guys 5 years ago and to me – they just had an off day that day. Coming from a culture where ballet is so special form of art that unless perfected, doesn’t get to be on a stage that much, I thought it was a rip off for the price we had paid that day. To be fair, I have also heard, that things had changed since then at least an orchestra has been added to the performance.

To go and see ballet live is an expensive treat, especially around Christmas, when you would already spend so much money on everything else. Which is why I’m delighted to see (again) that Odeon cinemas are showing live ballet/opera and theater performances all year round from biggest theater houses around the world. So here are few alternativea for that expensive ticket to the Board Gais Energy Theater night:

Bolshoi live: The Lady of the Camellias

Stillorgan Odeon Cinema, Sunday December 6th 2015
Running time 185 minutes


Falling madly in love with ‘The Lady Of The Camellias’, a beautiful Parisian courtesan, Armand Duval determines to do whatever it takes to win her heart.
Marguerite suffers from tuberculosis, and wears a white camellia when she is well enough to be available to her lovers. While Armand is able to convince her to live with him in the countryside, his father is shocked by the scandal and attempts to end the relationship.
‘The Lady Of The Camellias’ is based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas, was written by John Neumeier and features music by Chopin.

The Royal Ballet: The Nutcracker live 2015

Blanchardstown/Coolock/Limerick/Naas/Waterford/Stillorgan Odeon Cinema, Wednesday 16th of December
Running time 180 minutes

On Christmas Eve, Clara sneaks downstairs to the Christmas tree to play with her new gift, ‘The Nutcracker’, which is in the shape of a little wooden man.
Under the magic of the wizard Drosselmeyer, the Nutcracker comes to life and sweeps Clara off on an adventure, leading them to defeat the army of the villainous Mouse King and travel to the Kingdom of Sweets for an audience with the Sugar Plum Fairy.
One of the most beloved of all ballets, ‘The Nutcracker’ returns to the Royal Ballet in Peter Wright’s hugely popular version.


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