Zedd at The Academy – 26th of November 2015

Supported by VINDATA, who also by the way did a great job, Zedd returned to The Academy. In all fairness I felt like he should have gone for a bigger venue, but hey, good time was had, so who cares really.

Zedd’s last album is entirely different from what we heard before, not speaking about stuff he plays live – it’s all different again. Not knowing what to expect, I headed to The Academy – the place where people’s elbows really liked my head (but anyway). Zedd catered for the entire spectrum of his audience. It was very interesting to see who liked which type of music. While some hands went down, others went up. So very well done for such a diverse set. I think everyone went home pleased.

P.S. The amount of selfies young people took was staggering, so this post is for them, because I felt like they haven’t actually seen a gig with their own eyes.

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