The Importance of Being Earnest in The Gate Theater

Two of my favorite Dublin theater scene related aspects combined – Gate Theater and Oscar Wilde. The perfect combo ensured the sold out show and the evening full of laughter and lifted spirits.

Marty Rae is playing his character with perfection combining elegance and comical human emotions so effortlessly, it shows an incredible skill of acting craft one possesses.

Rory Nolan (Algernon Moncrieff) is an embodiment of the young, bored gentleman who is only seeking new adventures – the more troublesome, the better. Again, executed to perfection and so effortlessly from an audience member view.

Of course the rest of the cast should also be complimented on a very successful production, yet again as they delivered a lighthearted, smart and witty comedy to the amusement of the audience.

The play consists of three acts, so there are two intervals and I have to say acts seem really short, but perhaps that is due to the fact that experience is quite fascinating and the plot – immersive.

Definitely recommending to see if you are in for a night of a great comedy, celebration of great actsmanship and genuinely entertainment.

Here is the picture of a set. Looks simplistic, doesn’t it? Don’t let it fool you, there is much more to it than one may think 😉


The Importance of Being Earnest runs in Gate Theater until 30th of January 2016. Tickets are 25-35 Euro and you can book them here.

Running Time:
1st Act – 45min
Interval 15 – min
2nd Act – 55min
Interval – 7min
3rd Act – 35min
Total: 157 min

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