I Believe Christmas market

Every year Dublin obviously has a Christmas market. Last year it was placed by Stephen’s Green and proved to be not exactly comfortable despite its convenient location. This year it’s back to the IFSC, George’s Dock. I was very excited, I’ll be honest. It felt like this year we can maybe finally have something great. Every day passing it by, I couldn’t wait to get in and take a look. I mean just look how fabulous it looks from outside.

Even bent Christmas tree looks adorable. Finally, last Thursday I finally went to experience the magic of the Christmas market myself.

I am not sure if Star Wars swept people of the street or the fact that it’s Thursday-long shopping day, but it was nearly dead. There were only handful of people inside, stalls looked poor and sad really. Few people were taking pictures by the green phone booth – kind of the only attraction there really. There were usual food and hot beverage stands and was it. It took me 15min to walk through it and I did stop by more than half of the stalls. In my humble opinion, this was the worst Christmas market I’ve seen in Dublin so far. It is definitely not worth getting out just for visiting it, make sure you have plenty of other things planned.

I stopped by some stalls, looked at all the pricey things on display and for sale and that was it. I am going to mention 3 stalls:

Dublin Cookbook – a book filled with recipes from some of the finest Dublin restaurants. You can cook some high-end restaurant food in your home. Best of all, at the bottom of each recipe you can find the name of the restaurant this dish is served in. All proceeds go to Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

Friends&Family Tree-Kits – I just wanted to mention this, because it’s an awesome idea and great gift. You can find these guys here.


The guy who was selling Christmas baubles for 11 Euro. No offence, but those baubles really didn’t look like worth that price.

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