New Years Eve in Dublin – my experience so far

Everyone rings in the New Year differently. I had gone to clubs for the past 3-4 years and it can be a hit and a miss. I have been to The Grafton Lounge twice – once with a pre-booked table and once without any pre-bookings. I had much better time with no booking, as I didn’t have to watch my table every time I would get up and I didn’t receive a phone call saying that if I didn’t show up in the next 30min, my booking was going to be cancelled, despite the fact that I had it booked for an hour later.

Last year I had tickets booked to Pygmalion Space Ibiza party. We arrived around 11pm and the queue was all the way down South William Street. It did move a little, but 5 min to midnight we were barely at the Powerscourt Town Center entrance with no prospect of getting in as the place was clearly overbooked. The entire Coppinger Row was packed to unbelievable levels. The idea of ringing the New Year in the queue did not appeal to me much and the decision was made to get to Grogan’s before it’s not too late. Thankfully it was quite empty and we got our drinks served fast. Just as we walked out to the Market Street people had already started the countdown.

We did get in to Pygmalion eventually, but it was quite a traumatic experience if I am completely honest. We were brave enough to go the dance floor just so that we could loose each other and stand there listening to music, because there was barely enough space to breathe, forget about dancing. We were out after about 20min. We ended up going to Dakota down the street and it was pleasantly not mental.

I have never gone to the New Year’s concert on College Green for the reason of not trusting the weather. You see, I am always cold, so this would mean wearing a lot of layers, but if you are planning to go somewhere else afterwards, it might not be practical. Things get lost in crowded places, you know.

As for this year – I have not made plans for the upcoming New Year celebration yet, but as I will be doing my research, I will list few interesting options in case anyone else needs some inspiration.

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