The year of 2015 – personal note

This year has been very eventful, probably like no other year before. I was lucky enough to be given opportunities to try things I wanted to try professionally, to work with some amazing people on some exciting projects and most importantly to learn so much.

As much as it was excitement filled year, I am going to remember it as the dark year unfortunately. In June I thought that things were finally getting back on some sort of track – we had lost 2 out of our 3 pets already since the beginning of the year and I just started to emotionally recover. I found a job, that looked really promising. That’s when the biggest hit came – the phone call at 8 in the morning with my mothers shocked voice saying that dad was no longer with us. That he passed away 30min ago. It was the day before mum’s birthday. The next 6 months were spent trying to figure out how things are going to be from now on. Trying to find a rhythm that would ease me and my family back into everyday world. We are still trying to work things out and find a right rhythm, but we are getting there.

This year did bring some exciting moments too – I have finally gotten my Irish citizenship. This is something really special for me as I have been in this country for over 8 years and it has given me the opportunity to really build my life I wanted. Some people asked me why I wanted to have an Irish passport as I already have one from another EU member state. Well, it’s simple really. I want to be able to vote, to be able to participate in decisions people of this country make. To share this special moment, here is the clip of the band playing at the ceremony:

I have been blessed to have so many people around me, who supported me when I needed it the most and gave me space and their understanding when I needed it, without losing that precious connection we had. So, I want to say thank you. Thank you for encouraging me and supporting me. Thank you for believing in me and giving me confidence when I felt down, beaten and worthless. Thank you for always being there for me, when I asked for help (trust me, it wasn’t easy for me, but I am thankful for how you all made it as “not big of a deal” case when it meant a world to me).

Lastly, but not least importantly, this year I have been trying to spend more time on this blog, so for those who read it – a big thank you! Let’s hope that you’ll enjoy reading it in 2016 too.


So here, I have said it – thank you to everyone who has been in my life this year, because you all contributed and I hope you’ll be there beyond 2015.


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