Three Countdown Concert in 3arena

I have a list of musical acts I wanted to see. It’s not an extensive one – Massive Attack, Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim. Massive Attack played at Longtitude in 2014, Chemical Brothers at the same festival a year later. Fatboy Slim visited Dublin for Forbidden Fruit in 2015, but I couldn’t make it that time, so when I found out he would be playing on New Years night, my plans were settled.

I honestly got an impression that he would be a headline act and by a headline act I mean actually playing into the midnight. It was only earlier in the day that official NYFDublin Twitter account posted stage times (which I thought was great as it allowed us to plan our evening). But back to Fatboy Slim. Thoroughly enjoyed his set – he was the reason I was at the 3Arena that night to start with. He managed to create an electric energy, crowd was pumped. He played until around 11.30. After a short change of stage set up The Coronas came on. I respect their talent and all, but to me the energy just wasn’t the same. Enjoy some snaps from the set.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Really great to see acts like Fatboy Slim being in Dublin for the New Year’s, so well done to festival’s organizers and here is to hope that we’ll see more of them next year. So enjoy the a little clip from the night.


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