Opera in Cinema in January and February 2016

January can be a bit of a tough month after holidays, but here is a rather inexpensive way to treat yourself to a quality theater, more specifically opera. There are only two operas being streamed in January and one in February, so it’s not much. I got to see Traviata in Bolshoi Theater back in 2013 and I was amazed. So here is what’s on opera-wise:

Met Opera – Les Pecheurs De Perles

Naas/Stillorgan/Waterford – Saturday 16th of January
Language: French
Running time: 180 min


Set in the Far East, ‘Les Pecheurs De Perles’ is the story of a beautiful Hindi princess named Leila, who is pursued by two pearl divers competing for her hand.
The ensuing love triangle is complicated by the fact that the divers, Nadir and Zurga, are true friends and do not want to hurt each other in their quests to woo Leila.
Marking the first time in 100 years that ‘Les Pecheurs De Perles’ has been performed by the Metropolitan Opera, Diana Damrau stars as Leila alongside Matthew Polenzani and Mariusz Kwiecien as her suitors.

Met Opera – Turandot

Naas/Stillorgan/Waterford – Saturday 30th of January
Language: Italian
Running time: 195 min


A romantic fairytale taking place in a China of legend, ‘Turandot’ is a proud princess who challenges each of her many suitors to a game of riddles.
Whether or not they can answer the riddle determines whether she will marry them, and every suitor so far has failed. But the arrival at court of Calaf, a mysterious prince determined to be her husband, may well change things.
Set in a mythical version of China which highlights the clash between the sexes, Franco Zeffirelli’s production of ‘Turandot’ stars Nina Stemme as the titular princess.

ROH: La Traviata

Blanchardstown/Coolock/Limerick/Naas/Waterford/Stillorgan – Thursday 4th of February
Language: Italian
Running time: 190 min


Violetta, a Parisian courtesan suffering from tuberculosis, is throwing a party to celebrate her recovery. A young nobleman, Alfredo, plans to attend, and has long been in love with Violetta.
Before long, Violetta has fallen for him as well, but Alfredo’s father disapproves of their relationship. He convinces Violetta to leave Alfredo for the sake of his family’s image, not realising how ill she really is.
Richard Eyre’s production of ‘La Traviata’ immerses the audience in the indulgence of 19th Century Paris, a vivid setting for Verdi’s famous score.


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