Low Steppa gig in Button Factory

I was very excited about Low Steppa. Speaking about managing your expectations. Here is what I thought I was going for

First bells started ringing when we heard the warm up act. Tech? Really?

When the main-act man himself came on stage I was hoping he would fire up the floor. Instead he lost the crowd. I mean at some point he made a decision to play “One more time”. While I understand that DJs need to have something up their sleeve to bring audience back should they feel they are loosing their crowd’s focus and people are interested in their phones more than what’s going on on stage, but “One more time”? Again? With no spin or his own tweak or anything? Sure, the crowd was yelling words out loud, so he brought them back, but he returned to the original set right after.

I have to give a shout out to the lady at the back, she seemed to be really helping there and enjoying the gig at the beginning. She did turn her attention to her phone after some time though.

20160214_020706_LLS (1)

I will be honest – I was so disappointed I left early, so possibly he did play what I was waiting for. Save the best for the last might have been the case. All I know it was too late for me as I felt the evening did not live up to expectations. Oh, and did I mention that it was a complete sausage fest?

20160214_020716_LLS (1)

I am going to see Pleasurecraft tomorrow in the same Button Factory, so let’s hope tomorrow night is going to be better than last week’s Saturday.

Here are few videos I made on the night. My phone is slowly dying, so excuse the quality.

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