Pleasurekraft in Button Factory

Last Friday saw Paradox bringing one of the bright shining names from Techno House industry – Pleasurekraft – to Dublin’s Button Factory. If you are a reader of this blog, you might remember my rant about a set a week before that left me disappointed. Having learned from my mistakes, I had 0 expectations. Literally none.


Let me start by some not music related things – Button Factory was not crowded that night (not sure if people decided to take it easy after Valentine’s Day or it was the fact that for many this weekend has been the last before a payday) and it was great! There was plenty of space both upstairs and downstairs to dance freely and no queues at the bar. Heaven!

Now, to music. Having no expectations actually worked like a charm. I enjoyed the set and judging by what I’ve seen so did the audience. Pleasurekraft stayed true to what they claim to represent – a simultaneously visceral and cerebral experience induced only by the seductive, deep, groove heavy, underground techno inspired music (taken from their website). And tech house it was in all it’s groovinesque beauty. I took some videos on my ever dying phone for you guys, but if you want a quality sound, check out their Youtube channel.

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