Smock Allies Scene + Heard Festival Week 2

I have no idea how I have missed this: Scene + Heard Festival. Well, I do – my daytime job has been taking a lot of my time and energy lately. So, to give a fair share of understanding what this is, here is a quote from Smock Alley’s website:

Smock Allies : Scene + Heard is a festival of new work across MUSIC – DANCE – THEATRE – COMEDY + SPOKEN WORD arts genres. It provides a chance for artists to test an excerpt of previously unseen work or new ideas / formats in front of a live audience in order to get feedback before mounting and staging full length productions.

We have now week 2 of the festival finishing and have week 3 to go (thankfully).

I’ve looked at some pieces and picked out what caught my eye. This is my personal opinion only. These are all on until the end of the week. I will posting my choices from the week ahead tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Frame 37 – Aidan Fitzmaurice

295-x-295-resize-13Fri 26 / Sat 27 Feb @ 8pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Boys School

I honestly think the premise has a huge potential. 

Two men play pool. As the tension increases and the trash talk intensifies, they are forced to reassess both the nature of their friendship and their existence as scripted characters in a play.

Written + Directed by: Aidan Fitzmaurice
Cast: Ian Dunphy, Conor Donelan

Tryst – Sickle Moon Productions

tryst_25x25Sat 27 Feb @ 4pm
€5 | The Main Space

Matt and Steph are recovering after a night out and are just a week away from their wedding. When Steph’s best friend and maid of honour, Rachel, comes over unannounced, a secret is revealed that changes everything. Tryst casts a harsh eye on the consequences of curiosity, the limits of friendship and the lengths people will go to for love.

Written by: Jeda de Bri + Finbarr Doyle
Directed by: Jeda de Brí
Cast: Finbarr Doyle, Katie McCann, Clodagh Mooney Duggan

Neighbourhood Watch – Gumption Theatre Company

25mm-x-25mm-300ppiSat 27 / Sun 28 @ 7pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Main Space

New Neighbours? Who’d have them? You wouldn’t know what sort’d be moving in. And what if they’re Dubs? Sure, that’d be the neighbourhood gone. Sure as the fella says, “‘Tis better the divil ya know than the divil ya don’t know”…Right? Gumption Theatre Company presentsNeighbourhood Watch, a comedy about druggies, gangs, criminals, Dubs …Maybe…

Written by: Eilís Carey
Cast: Eilís Carey, Gina Burke, Niall Brewster


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