Smock Allies Scene + Heard Festival week 3

My last post gave a little insight into what the festival is. I for once quite like the idea. It reminds me of work in progress pieces being showcased during Dublin Dance Festival. It’s always interesting to see which direction would creative process go and where the end result is going to land. It might become something entirely different from what you have imagined it would become.

For the final week, I’ve picked out what was closer to my heart and what I thought I would love to see as the end result down the line. Performances I’ve picked are paired with other incredible pieces, so you will get to see 2 works in one night.

Black Pot – Sugán Theatre

Tues 1 / Wed 2 Mar @ 6.30pm
25mm-x-25mm-BLACK-POT-Súgan-TheatreWhen I was two years old I witnessed my parents have a drunken row. The first blot on my white canvas. Black Pot is a physical exploration of what it means to be innocent and the effects on the human psyche when this innocence is tainted or lost. A fusion of folk tradition and contemporary style dance allows for an original insight into what it is to be naïve.Written + Directed by: Therese Prendiville
Cast: Fiona Keenan O’ Brien, Diana Melo, and Anna Sidenko.
You will also get to see Incidental Music by Vivian Brodie Hayes the same night.

Running Blind – Laura Sarah Dowdall

295-x-295-resize-17Tues 1 / Wed 2 Mar @ 8pm
A visceral dialogue of dance, sound and sight. An immersion into a tactile, imagined and experienced presence awaits.
Laura Sarah Dowdall’s work as artist-in-residence at a Dublin DeafBlind centre results in this daring exploration of the role of the senses, inviting you to find fresh vision and become a part of this investigative journey into metaphorical and physical blindness.
Choreographed + Performed by: Laura Sarah Dowdall.
This very promising performance is paired with Skittles by Play Dough Productions.

All The Way – Michelle McCormack

Thur 3 / Fri 4 Mar @ 7pm
295x-295-resize-1A one woman show, which questions our young subculture of fame and ego, through the personal story of a twenty-something year old named Lucy, who lives to be famous. The only flaw; she is going about it in all the wrong ways.
Written + Performed by: Michelle McCormack
Directed by: Emily Foran.

Paired with Schoolgate Catwalk by Grace Morgan + William Dunleavy it is promising to be an evening of all spectrum of emotions.

Welcome To The Memory Palace – Game Theory

unnamedThurs 3 / Fri 4 Mar @ 8pm
The Memory Palace has many rooms. Each room contains an object, and each object contains a story. Some of these stories are funny. Some of them are scary. All of them are true. These are the stories of life in the digital age. Come with us, we’re here to guide you. But be warned: the Internet never forgets.
Written + Directed by: Cathal McGuire
Cast: Fiona McGarry, Fionnuala Gygax, Shane O’Regan
Paired with TRIANGLES – Sad Strippers Theatre. I love the idea of Triangles, it has a very promising premise. The first thing I imagined when I read about this – Annoying Orange. Click here if you haven’t heard of it before.

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