Bob Moses in Button Factory

First of all let me thank guys for responding to me via Twitter. I merely asked what time they are going to come up on stage as I wasn’t up for a full night out and frankly wasn’t interested in the rest of the lineup. Since there was no information anywhere online I thought I’d take it to Twitter to ask organizers – Sense and Hidden Agenda – mentioning both Button Factory and headliners themselves. I received a reply from @bobmosesmusic which was pleasantly surprising, considering there were only few hours left before doors were opening. None of the others came back.

20160313_012400We got to the Button Factory just on time to see guys coming up on stage. Now unfortunately there were some sound issues during the performance and people were walking on the stage behind Jimmie and Tom as well as coming up to the stage to talk to guys. There has been some deafening feedback during the performance (twice), but it didn’t stop me enjoying the gig in all fairness. The quality of music made me forgive the rest.

20160313_015858Guys are so talented their music is honey to my ears and seeing them perform live was so far probably the highlight of this year’s clubbing scene for me personally. During the gig the only thought I had was that they didn’t quite fit into the Button Factory setting. This was a proper Olympia style gig. Olympia as a space would have been so much better for them.

I almost felt guilty for some weird reason, because these guys do deserve so much more than what they got that night. So, Bob Moses – please come back, we love you here and we have better venues for you to play in.

And here is some more music from the night.

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