Rooskey Loop in Carlingford

It feels like the spring is (finally!) here. For me this means getting out of the house a lot more often and exploring Ireland’s beautiful scenery. As much as I love getting out further in the country, sometimes I wake up late after a night out and still want to go somewhere closer than 2 hour drive to get some fresh air and city’s buzz.

I love walking routes, but I have found some of them to be not quite exactly what expected. So here I’ll be doing some honest accounts of the walking routes I’ve done recently. First up – Rooskey Loop in Carlingford. You can find a map here.

Rooskey LoopWe left our car at the John Long’s pub as per instructions and started moving ahead following arrows. I am not sure what is your view on walking trail standards, but mine does not include roads for cars with no pedestrian footpath. So it’s safe to say that I was actually quite disappointed. Path with no cars had traces of sheep and it felt like walking a mine-field in a way.

We chose a longer trail (the shorter Molly Loop is half the distance, but doesn’t go towards Rooskey Priory. Here is the map.

I am not sure if it was us, but we didn’t get to see Megalithic Tomb, because it seemed there were a lot of residential private properties around with closed access. Basically we felt like we could have driven up to cottages nearby Deserted village and just walk up the hill from there. It was the only awesome spot with scenery and something exciting on the entire trail. Here are pictures to prove it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We only went for the long walk to see the Rooskey priory, but either it’s well hidden or not marked at all, the only thing we were able to find was this:


We decided to walk a little further and guess where we ended up? The place that was the end destination of our day – Carlingford. We were hoping to drive there after a walk, but now bizarrely had to go back to Grange, pick up a car and drive back. We also made a huge mistake sticking to a main road back to Grange. It has no footpath and is not meant for pedestrians. Actually I felt unsafe walking there with cars flying by. It was our mistake though, so don’t repeat it.


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