Easter Weekend in Dublin

There was so much on during the past weekend with 1916 celebrations going on (and Sense bringing Maribou State to Button Factory) it was a crazy amount of people in town. I am not an early bird, so I barely woke up to see the parade being streamed live on RTE, but from what I have seen, it was quite an impressive one with all political elite and special invitees present to watch military march from Stephen’s Green to O’Connell Street and further to Bolton Street. The weather held the rain just enough to get through the parade, so when it finally started drizzling, I was sure happy to be on my sofa with a hot cup of tea in my hands.


Celebrations continued all the way through the weekend and finally on Sunday afternoon I dragged myself out of the house hoping that main masses would have left the city center. Perhaps so, but the amount of people on streets was still very much sizable. O’Connell Street had stands with little history lessons and a stage with RTE Orchestra. There was a queue for the GPO.

I wandered to Stephen’s Green park grabbing Butler’s Hot Chocolate on a way. It was a day for hot choco and a walk in a park. Stephen’s Green Park was buzzing. Walking around I found a Wishing tree – it had wishes from 1916, cut out of proclamation. There was another one right beside it – with 2016 wishes for the next century. My favorite – Peace please!

Processed with VSCO with q10 preset

Then I heard music from the bandstand and naturally moved towards the source of the sound. Gospel Choir just got on stage. There were songs by Jess Glynn and Bill Whithers among others. Crowd was cheering and singing along. Some were standing, some sitting – thankfully weather permitted. The sun was out, music was good, ahh Dublin.


2 thoughts on “Easter Weekend in Dublin

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