Hell Fire Club – Walking Trails

This winter has been long. I am often restless and really looking forward to some sunny days to be able to get out of the city and enjoy nature a little. In preparation for the season we googled “forest walks”.  We found Coilte Outdoors. Now I am in a bad shape to undertake 10km walk as a season opener so we chose something lighter. Also, the idea to get out of the city, but somewhere not too far was really attractive. This post is about our season opener – Hell Fire Club walk.

It’s close. For me it’s important. Although my GPS tried to lead me into someone’s house first, we eventually found the car park. It’s located on the right hand side (coming from Dublin) few minutes drive past the Timbertrove. It took us about 30-40min by car from a city center (North Side) on a Sunday afternoon with O’Connell St being closed.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t impressed with what I saw first. See below my sources of frustration – it’s not like we have many forests, now we are chopping them down.


Coming from a country where government sold our forests for this specific reason, it pains me to see this.


Also, I wanted a forest walk – the one with healthy growing trees, preferably not chopped off ones. Thankfully we got some of that.


The trail is actually very short. I suggest you check out the map in the car park before embarking on it. We had to do a second round half-loop, because we wanted to see the Montpelier House and did not check the map beforehand. If you are going for a walk there, I highly suggest going up to the house. I mean, just look at the view:

20160424_145202 (1)

I would imagine it would be lovely to have a picnic there when it’s warm.


But of course there is a Montpellier House as well.


The house was really popular with kids – lot of them exploring empty rooms inside.

Overall I thought it was a lovely walk. Roads are good enough to have kids with you as well. As a light walk, it’s quite enjoyable (for those feeling out of shape like myself). Although it felt like it was supposed to be better from what we read on the Coilte Outdoors website.

There are few other walks on my list in that vicinity, so I’ll report back on them as we go walking. In the meantime, I hope you guys are having a great week!

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