Russborough House Rhododendron Garden

Spring is finally here and I bet a lot of you spent your Sunday outdoors. So did I. Two years ago in April we went to visit Russborough House for the first time.


Russborough House

Although the weather was nice it was a little too early for rhododendrons to bloom (which we obviously did not know at the time), so we promised ourselves to come back and it only took us two years.


Rare plants fair

Upon arrival we found out that on that exact day there was a rare plant fair. Many fabulous species on display. I finally got myself an airplant (actually 2- one for the office and one for home), so I’ll be trying some DIYing soon enough turning these into a decor feature. The day was really hot – I suspect that might have been the summer for this year. Even an ice-cream parlor ran out of scones for ice-cream.

Back to the rhododendrons though. The walk to the garden is actually quite short. It’s estimated about 2km, but bear in mind that it’s a looped one, so it is really short. I’ve been craving some green colors, forest feel and fresh air for some time now and I got all of it there. There was so much green! My inner child was delighted. All I wanted to do was to run around just like when I was 5. And we hadn’t even reached blooming trees yet.

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The inside of the garden is small and easily walkable around. Colors and smells there – oh my! If you do suffer from hay-fever, I really do not recommend going. I started this “sneezing around spring time” thing about 2-3 years ago, but have never had anything major. After attending the garden though I thought my head would explode. I also could not stop the sneeze attack. Otherwise I loved it. Here is a little gallery to for your sight to feast on.

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There is a larger walk available around grounds towards the lady island with a Japanese bridge (just like the one in Kildare) with some surprises on trees for kids to look for.

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It’s a nice, quite walk – very relaxing. Just look at my happy face.


Half way through there is a little pond with swans and ducks. Swan is well trained and swims closer hoping to get some treats. Duck’s aren’t of a scary type either.

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If after both walks you are still full of energy (or not), there are Blessington Lakes nearby. If you are traveling by car – there is a scenic drive. We found a lake shore site with a nice beach and parking. My skin was happy to feel some sun and beach blankets I equipped my car with recently came in handy.

So this was my Sunday. Hope yours was as enjoyable.

Yours truly,


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