House of Peroni

Yesterday a new pop up bar opened in Dublin city center. It’s here for only 2 weeks, which is a shame, because the space is really, really (and I mean REALLY) cool.

We went to the rooftop terrace, thankfully weather permitted. The experience is really something else. As you walk in to the building on the ground floor, you are shown to the lift (which is tiny, but apparently fits 7 people). Elegantly dressed lift man will keep a chat in the lift going while you are going all the way up to the 6th floor.

The terrace is elegantly decorated with white being a dominant color. There is lots of fake grass, which looked very tasteful with the rest of the decor. Tables and chairs are of contemporary design. There is a lot of green around (although some potted plants did not withstand the wind and fell on a side – this was quickly cleared and plants put back in place).BeFunkyPhoto_HoP

There are heaters on the terrace if you get cold, although I would love for a place to have blankets as well. A DJ is playing non invasive tunes – I love places with music not too loud, so you can still talk without having to shout.


Funky bar showcases fresh ingredients and fancy looking cocktails. Here is the menu:


And here is the bar:

House of Peroni

If you don’t like cocktails (I was told they were actually quite strong), you can have a glass, a bottle, half a pint or a pint of Peroni. A pint costs 6 Euro.

Service staff was attentive, fast and very polite, just what you would expect from the high end places.

One drawback – bathrooms apparently got clogged, so we had to go to the ground floor House of Peroni. I suggest you factor in waiting time for a lift to arrive.

Get there as early as you can – we went around 6.15pm – if you want to get a table. 10min after we arrived there was no place to sit.

The House of Peroni is open to the public from Thursday, 19th to Saturday, 21st May and from Wednesday, 25th to Saturday, 28th May. No admission fee to the main bar and no booking required. Over 18s only.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. 

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