Forbidden Fruit Festival – Day 1

We kicked off the long weekend at the Forbidden Fruit Festival in Kilmainham. This is actually the first time I am at any festival for 3 days! Here are few general points from what I experienced yesterday:

  1. It’s a pity Luas is closed from Jervis to the Point.
  2. Tram wasn’t as packed yesterday as I though it would be – both directions.
  3. The choice of drinks at the festival is actually quite poor: Bulmers, Clonmel lager and Bulmers based cocktails.
  4. There is an Oxygen Bar which I am fully committed to try over the weekend.
  5. Afterparty tickets can be bought at the information point inside the festival (not at the ticket collection points).

Now on to the evening of music and fun. We had a plan – we try to always check out acts before going to carefully plan our timing. Here was yesterdays agenda:

Detroit Swindle
Kerri Chandler (or maaaaaaaybe Dizzie Rascal).

Please don’t hate me Dizzie fans, but I haven’t heard a good song from Dizzie since Bonkers, which according to my Instagram feed, he of course performed.

Bodhi set was a very nice start of the evening. Although beginning of the set was very promising, the end of it was somewhat disappointing – the energy faded and music wasn’t as exciting. But great job overall!

Detroit Swindle played back to back with Gerd Janson. In style, in genre, everything what you’d expect. Crowd was pleased and so was I.

Kerri Chandler, I did not know you had this kind of following in Ireland, so fair play to people of the emerald island. Thanks to the amazing set I did not get to see Dizzie, but I am not regretting it. Lighthouse stage was a real hit for me last evening. Here is a little taster of what Kerri’s set sounded like.

I will post up what I am planning to see today on my day 2 at the festival. Stay tuned!

P.S. I am on Snapchat too – @kliony

Yours truly.

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