SEEING exhibition in Science Gallery Dublin

Yesterday I decided to do something slightly different. I went to a Science Gallery. Shamefully I have to admit that I have been there only once before.A big thank you to a friend, who invited me to come along! I had great time exploring different concepts – some more scientific than others, but all pretty cool in their own way.

There was a machine, that takes picture of your retina, VR set, eye movement capturing (both machine and subsequent art) and generally some very cool ideas on how machines (and us!) perceive sight.

Here are some photos from the night that might tempt you to pop in. The exhibition is open until (at least) 18th of September and it’s free. The flyer mentioned it being open till 25th of September, but the website says until 18th, so don’t put the visit aside for too long.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Till next time!


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