Estonia Roadtrip. Part 1. Parnu

September turned out to be quite busy – Chicago, Estonia and Indian Sculpture Park locally. So while I’m enjoying my time home, I thought I’d write up a little bit about the last journey I haven’t written yet – Estonia.

Chapter 1 – Parnu

Lovely little town, but I didn’t quite feel like walking around after dark. Perhaps because some drunk Russian young people stumbled upon us looking at GPS and kind of tripped over us ala ooops, sorry – nice iPhone you have there! Can’t say it was a pleasant encounter. Otherwise though, no issues. The town is very small and it’s easy to get around around. I thought it was very green too.

We stayed at the Villa Ammende and what a classy place. Here is the review I left for them on Tripadvisor


And here are some pictures from the hotel.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After settling in the hotel we had a little walk around and here is what we saw

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We only spent few hours exploring the city, but it felt like it was enough. We dined in the Georgian Restaurant Kolhethi. Quiet, lovely, family friendly and cozy. Food was great and staff spoke English very well. Excellent experience all around.

Stay tuned for part II – Tallinn.

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