Lough Boora Discovery Park

I’m not sure about you, but I always feel the need to feel the autumn around end of October/beginning of November – to see all fabulous colors, feel leaves underneath my feet and basically enjoy nature in its entirety. To me that means going somewhere where trees grow in substantial numbers.

I highly recommend taking the scenic drive from Glen of Aherlow to Lismore. I was in awe. However this post is about another place, also worth visiting during gloomy autumn days – Lough Boora Discover Park.

The park is home to some rather interesting sculptures and number of walking/cycling routes. You can rent a bike in the park for the full day – €30 or €5 per hour if you are there for a shorter visit. The park boasts some original pieces of art as well as scenic sights along routes. You can take a short walking route just to see sculptures, but I would recommend walking towards the Mesolithic site. The site itself is not very impressive, but the walking route is actually super pleasant. There are plenty of places for a picnic if you are feeling peckish or just want to sit down in mid route to catch a breath. Here are some pictures to tempt you:

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