Forest Bathing – DJouce Wood

This year I’ve decided to focus on something entirely different – nature and woods. Forest bathing is apparently good for your mental wellbeing and you can never get too much of that, I suppose. The easiest way to find well marked walking trails in woods is here. Coilte has updated their website recently and it is now my go to place for choosing a walking trail. All walking trails I will write about are looped.

Today I will focus on my very first wood walk I did few months ago – DJouce woods.

The Deerpark trail takes you not just through the wood itself. It’s an easy enough walk, but you have to keep an eye for waymarks. If you came to the Wicklow Way posting, you probably missed the turn right, but luckily you wouldn’t be too far off. Don’t be afraid to wander off the track in the wood, I promise it’s worth it. Just make sure you know which direction is the river and you’ll be fine. It helps to have a trail map with you as well – either printed or as a photo on your phone. Also, can’t stress enough how important it is to have plenty of water with you.

There are mountain-bike trails in this wood, so whether you want to explore it on wheels or on feet – the choice is there for you. The wood is quite impressive and you have lovely views of Powerscourt waterfall there too, albeit a bit from afar. Also, I’m on Vodafone and had no service in there in case you are an avid Instagrammer or generally make/take a lot of calls on your forest walks.

Don’t worry if the first car park is full or you are a little late and worry that it might close before you return. If you go up the road a little, you’ll get to a convenient place to park and it’s just another entrance to the wood. You’ll recognize it – there will be other cars parked there.

DJouce woods are definitely in my top forests to walk, but I’m leaving it till autumn when days are shorter, since it’s relatively close.

Walk: Deerpark Trail
Distance: 9km
Map: Here
My rating: 

Photos from the trail

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